Our Story

AngieBangie Boutique

AngieBangie Boutique is a momma owned small business in Kingwood, Texas with a mission to spread smiles. As a busy nurse by day, Angela began crafting as a hobby and creative outlet. A simple cutting machine quickly grew into a heat press, loads of vinyl, t-shirts, a sewing machine, jewlery making and so much more. Putting my heart into items and then seeing people enjoy those hand crafted gifts brings me joy and left me wanting more. That is where the idea of AngieBangie Boutique was born.

When my dad passed away unexpectedly in 2018, I learned that tomorrow is not always promised. As my dad always told me (and his mom told him) we have to stop and smell the roses. AngieBangie boutique is helping me to smell those roses as we get started in 2023.

Since crafting items is how this adventure started, I hope to always have a collection of items made locally by AngieBangie Boutique available on our website. Combining my crafting with other online inventory brings many more opportunities to spread smiles. As our mission statement says "A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear" and we want to help all of our customers smile, have fun and enjoy life.